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Charlie Carter and the Ghost Bomber

Eighty years ago a Lancaster Bomber didn’t quite make it home and crashed into a hillside, killing all but one of its brave crew: Only Moses the Reargunner survived.

…this year, the crew have come to get him back.

Now in 2020, every few weeks (without fail) the ghostly aircrash is seen by frightened locals. So, this week (without fail) our schoolboy hero Charlie Carter and his two friends Jazz and Sam are going to get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all.

And once again (without fail) Charlie Carter has managed to put himself and his friends in incredible danger. This time, Charlie saw the Ghost Bomber for himself – and he was sure that the ghostly pilot was waving at him. And when the ghostly crew turn up in the local pub demanding to speak to Charlie that’s when things start to get really strange. Which meant big trouble for Charlie Carter, for his life would never be the same again.


Charlie Carter and the Werewolf from Hull

It’s all over Facebook and Insta of course – Baron Von Frankenstinker the Mad Scientist is creating monsters to order and unleashing them on the General Public! Can our schoolboy hero Charlie Carter stop a horde of Vampires, Zombies and Werewolves in time? Maybe he can with the help of the luscious half-vampire, half-human, gun-toting, monster-hunter Ms Monster. Although Jazz, one of Charlie’s best friend might have something to say about that. As Ms Monster shoots her way into the booby-trapped laboratory whilst battling the Werewolf Motorbike Club will she or Jazz have the last word about Charlie? Has he already been bitten by the love bug – or something far worse?


Charlie Carter and the Spaceship in my Garage

‘There’s a spaceship in my garage! Can you advise?’ isn’t a text that Charlie Carter wants to get – he’d much rather have heard from one of his best mates, Sam. But at school Charlie discovers that the spaceship isn’t the only thing strange in town that day – there’s a cool new kid at school who’s really not what he seems. Even Jazz isn’t quite her old self – she’s grown a second head, and it’s an alien! And it wants to abduct Charlie and probe him. Well, their teachers have always said that they should try to get ahead…

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Charlie Carter Fishing In Thames